First blog post

Let me introduce myself, I am the so called crafty crab, my daughter thought that this name was very apt because of all the arts and crafts that I have done. Not that crabs are crafty but they have many ways of doing things running to the left and to the right in order to get things done.

The reason for starting a blog is my way of sharing my great enjoyment of all things creative with you.  Some people have become in grossed with technology in their spare time that hobbies and crafts  are forgotten. For others it is not easy because of materials needed or lack of good light or poor eyesight. However I am going to do my best to encourage you to make something worthwhile or at least look at what can be made with a little inspiration.

Having crafted through out my life, I am seldom bored because there is always something that can be done. The word ‘craft’  means something that is made in any shape or form, so it could be practically anything not just  art. I suppose you could call cooking or gardening a creative pursuit, in fact whatever you produce in your spare time, be it photography, topiary, pebble painting or model making to name but a few. I firmly believe that there is a craft for everyone. Humans are naturally curious as to how things work and are able to design in a creatively way… if they try of course. So when there is nothing on the tv, don’t reach for your mobile phone or another screen, make instead. And with practice you can do both or use your newly found crafting ability to look and buy materials online or read this blog for ideas.